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"We Come to You"
No need for you to be driving around,
FREE Pickup & Drop-off in our Limited areas!

*No Public Access to Working Shop, Calls Only.

Out of area: $20 for both pickup and drop-off charge!
Providing residential and commercial computer support in:
Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Miami Lakes, North Doral and South Pembroke Pines!


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Hialeah and Miami Computer, tablet and cell phone repairs!
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Business Hours: By Appointment Only.

     Our Services

    Complete Virus removal

     Operating system repair

     Computer Tune-up

      PC hardware repair

Operating system & Drivers Updated

Network installation and repair

Printer setup

On Site Home and Bsuinees



We Now Offer APPLE Motherboard Repair Services!

Specializing in Apple MacBook, iMac, & Retina Logic-Boards!

Laptops or Boards will be Picked up!

Call us for information!  786 447 9301

(90 to 120 Days Warranty on these repairs!)
*Water damage TURN OFF DEVICE and if you can, remove battery QUICKYY , whatever you do:

Oh Shit! Vista!!!!
Infected and

Deep Cleaning System Maintenance Price samples!

$ 70 Level one (Only $ 50 at 6 to 7 months schedule plan)
$ 90 Level two (deep infected)
  $ 120 Level Three (Very Infected)
*Above prices depend of severity Level of infection.

For Existing Clients New AV 2021

Take advantage of our Complete PC maintenance service for ONLY $70
It involves over 4 hours of Complete fine tuning and
updating of your Desktop or Laptops.
We remove, virus, malware, junk system files, spyware and
any other threats present too.
[NOTE: $10 to $20 Pick up & drop off charge may apply to extended areas]
Contact Tech Support for appointment!
[NOTE: Deep Infections and Prior Infected PCs Are
Subject to a $90 Charge]
Print and complete this Form.  your personal information to give with your computer to us.
Print and fill out the basic indicated information on your estimate request Form.
To print click Here or click on the printer image above so it will be ready when you
 drop off your Computer or when it is picked up.


(To send your review of sevices we have provided to you,
please send to service@bomboscomputerrepair.com)

December 5 2020

The team fixed my crashed computer next day and had it starting and looking like new!

They put great care into their work.

Isabel S.

Nobember 30, 2020

We at ERE Inc. experienced the worst nightmare a business owner could think of with our computers. We suffered a massive flood during hurricane ETA last month.

Our office was flooded in 16” of still water, damaging all our computers and more importantly the work we had done and saved in the computers.

We spoke to Mr. Carlos Gutierrez the master Tech at Bombos Computer Repair.com & Hialeah Computer Srvice.com. He immediately took action to control the damage to the computers. He coached us through the process of getting to him the computers and what data & Programs were Important and needed, they immediately acted!

Carlos started by giving us a peace of mind that he would recover the work within the 4 computers (They do Data Recovery too!) and would try to save as many as possible.

Well we are ecstatic with the great outcome, reasonable pricing and fast completion of the repairs from the service rendered by Mr. Carlos Gutierrez. He not only saved the data, programs and setting but gave us back like new PCs. They saved ALL the computers with many hours of TLC.

They updated all the computers with the latest version Windows and of the software we use. We know no one else would have put the effort and dedication to save these Computers like they did at Bombos Computer Repair.com & Hialeah Computer Srvice.com Headed by Tech Advisor: Mr. Carlos Gutierrez.

We Highly Recommend Bombos Computer Repair!

GG @ERE Inc.  

Septermber  25, 2020

One call and they come to you, during the day they pickup from customers that call for service and drop off the work done withing 48 hrs or less. If they don't answer, do leave a message because it will be worth the work they do and the prices are honest & reasonable.

They Come to You! saving you time and money so you don't have to be driving around town in traffic! They have four Technicians that specialize in Apple Macs, iPhones, Windows and Hardware specialist. They reinstalled my system and my PC and laptop are working like new again. Thank you Carlos. We left you a Review on Thumbtack as well. You are my Tech Hero!

Danny and Maggie

September 13, 2020

We have used Bombos computer repair 4 times now for various problems including screen repairs and to say they are in a league by themselves would be a gross understatement.

We Strongly recommend this company for ANY type of Mac or Windows repairs or service.

Joe C.

August 29, 2020

We called Bombos Computer Repair after my laptop died with the message “No Bootable Device.” 

I am locked down in a retirement community, so they picked it up from our Guard Gate on a Saturday. 

Carlos called to let me know that the hard drive was gone and nothing was recoverable.

He quoted an extremely reasonable price for a new drive and re-installation of Windows 10. 

I got the laptop back by Monday afternoon!! 

I have re-installed my Norton Security and some games. 

The laptop runs faster than it ever did before, I can surf the web, play games, and check e-mail.  

The service from Bombos Computer repairs was impressive, and at 76 years old, I am not easy to impress, they are courteous, professional, but friendly. 

I heartily recommend Bombos Computer repair to you.

Cathy M.

Aug 28, 2020

I am very satisfied with the professionalism of Carlos the technician.

He was very helpful, he explain and showed everything he did to me to make sure, I was satisfied with his service I'll definitely recommend Bombos Computer repair.

Joel L.

(Thumbtack requested a review for our services to This Client)

Oct 2016

In answer to your questions. CARLOS set up and created for me the Web site that I use for my dealings with the homeowners and other people. See my web site Domain: 

Before Carlos got involved, I did not have a web site.
In addition to creating my web site, Carlos has given me service, made repairs to my computer with improved hardware and software installations, and dealt with virus removal, and some training for my improved knowledge of the system.

I have worked with Carlos for many years. What makes Carlos Gutierrez an excellent provider is that he will come to my home or office to check the computer and take it back, fix the problem and come back in record time.

He is a perfectionist and does an excellent job at a fair price.
I have no hesitation to recommend him to you. In fact I have already recommended Carlos to the 145 homeowners in my Association.
HE IS ONE OF THE BEST. I am glad you contacted me.
Thanks for asking. SERGIO CAMPOS.

Sergio Campos

Sample of other reviews Below To see more click HERE!

About our Services:
Infected and or slow computers, as follows: Level one $69  Level 2 $89  Infected Level 3 $119) *If we do a scheduled 6 or 7 month interval maintenance the cost is only $50 equal cost to $7 a Month!

$125 Flat Rate In Our Shop (Residential Repair / $150 Business)


  • Pickup to your location
  • Repairing in our shop
  • Delivery to your location

Our $125/$150 all included Service also includes:

  • Scanning and removing any computer virus or malware
  • Performing a comprehensive hardware diagnostic on drives and memory
  • Installing free anti
  • virus and anti-malware software
  • Reinstalling Windows (or OS X) if necessary, including all available updates
  • Optimizing your computer for faster boot times and speed
  • Configuring your computer for best performance, durability, and security
  • Defragmenting your hard drive
  • Installing an ad blocker
  • Fixing pretty much anything else you can think of
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Note: The diagnosis fee is $50 but FREE/Not charged towards the cost of the repair completion!

The computer diagnosis necessarily involves using software, hardware, part substitution, partial or complete disassembly.

In the case that any hardware parts replacement is or are needed you will be notified of additional cost before any repair completion. If you decide NOT to do the repair because it exceeds the value of the computer or your budget, we still need to collect the diagnostic fee of $49 for the time, effort and technician time cost during the course of the diagnostic diagnosis.


48 to 72-hour turnaround
Turnaround time on most repair work is two to three business days, depending on repair difficulty and our workload. There are many different system configurations, therefore some parts may require ordering from outside suppliers after a solution to the problem is determined.

If parts have to be ordered, they usually take from four to 5 business days for delivery. You will be notified or the progress and when the work has been completed for the delivery of your Device.

Additional services we provide

  • Computer backup and restore
  • Emergency 24 hour turn around (Will be an additional $49)
  • Connection to the computer at your location
  • Connection to the network (WI-FI, DSL, Router)
  • Printer Setup
  • Connectivity to server or shared Drives

Cell Phone services

·       Screen replacement

·       Charging post replacement

·       Back cover replacement

·       Speaker replacement


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